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Working with Katie was such a relaxing and transformative experience for me. I looked forward to our calls. She truly listens and helps you to discover things otherwise buried and picks up on things you just can’t. She is full of wisdom and is so reassuring. Our sessions have led me to greater understanding of the issues I faced and the steps needed to overcome them. Most importantly, she was able to gently pull a lot of the solutions from me, by looking past my mental chatter and insecurities. I like how involved she allowed me to be in the whole process. We worked together and she was a strong and wise support system guiding me. That felt good to have. I left all of our sessions more invigorated and clear headed. I am full of appreciation for her and her work. Thank you, Katie.


- Sophia Parkinson

Katie Grimm is a highly skilled life coach who knows how to bring clarity to your vision of success! She helped me get on the right track in my career and guided me back to a professional level of confidence that I had lost somewhere along the way. I've learned how to break procrastination and what a difference this has made! I feel like my feet are no longer stuck in one place and I'm not afraid to dive into knew challenges because Katie has given me great tools to use. I absolutely recommend Katie to anyone who is feeling stuck. She can help you reach your goals and introduce you to a much more successful version of yourself!

- Cheryl Molloseau 

I worked closely with Katie for a partnership with Untitled and Sustainable Pittsburgh in 2022. The objective was to guide a cohort of mission-based professionals to imagine new ways of working together. I was in charge of the project on behalf of the Untitled Alliance.

We had audacious goals with little time and Katie’s ability to authentically connect with others, her networks and deep insight of the context helped make the project a success. Our small project team was dispersed across Finland and Pittsburgh during the pandemic, and yet we immediately developed an ease in our communication and workflow. External to our dynamic, she quickly recruited 12 executive-level cohort members by explaining a fairly novel approach and articulating the opportunity’s value and potential for impact.

Katie also has the ability to synthesize complex and abstract ideas into a coherent picture that can be acted upon for lasting results. It is one thing to understand a problem. It’s another to do the harder task of creating actionable steps through shared consensus. Katie’s coaching and facilitation skills created an engaging process that ensured everyone felt like they had voice - and agency - in the project’s final deliverables.

I highly recommend Katie to lead or support efforts that require thoughtful engagement and putting the pieces together to catalyze systemic change or a specific team’s path forward. She is also a joy to work and engage with as a person and we grew into a real team across distance.

- Outi Kuittinen, CEO at the RELEX Foundation for a Better Future

Katie offered a challenging, but warm, approach to utilize my strengths and maximize results.  As a trained counselor myself, she took me one step further (out of my comfort zone), in order to prioritize and focus on what was important within my career.  Katie demonstrated a results-oriented approach, which encouraged me to learn and grow on my own terms.    


- Courtney Steding

As a peer of Katie's in our graduate Professional Coaching program and as someone who has been fortunate enough to have been coached by Katie, I can unequivocally say Katie is an absolute standout. Katie exhibits a laser focus on the person she is coaching - I could really feel Katie listening to me. Katie exudes a calmness and warmth, and I really felt like she was "on my side." As a result of Katie's coaching, I've been able to both think more about what I want, and take the actions necessary to make it happen. And because of Katie's coaching of me, I've referred others to her.


- Robert Michelucci 

I retained New Narrative's services to provide the DISC behavioral assessment and a coaching session debrief to each of my team members, followed by a facilitated workshop during our strategic planning retreat.

Owner Katie Grimm provided a highly customized, engaging, and personal touch to the workshop. Our discussions resulted in important new insights as to how we can best work together, communicate with one another, and grow as an organization. Katie invited laughter and fun into the conversation while also holding space for moments of vulnerability and even healthy tension.

I highly recommend working with New Narrative to support your own staff's growth, on both an individual and organizational level. The amount of self and team awareness gained will be invaluable to a positive and productive culture for your organization.

- LC Johnson, Founder & CEO, Zora's House

I went to see Katie when I needed guidance in a possible career change. Through her expertise as a coach, I was able gain insight into what steps to take to find fulfillment in my chosen profession. I feel that she really listened to me and I knew that I was completely supported. I would recommend Katie to anyone looking for a quality coaching experience.


- Anna Maria Joyce 

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