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Overlooking the Mist
Grow into your New Narrative

New Narrative supports individuals, leaders, and organizations working hard for positive impact and the systems that steward equitable and sustainable processes and outcomes. 


We offer coaching and facilitation services to help individuals, groups, and teams overcome conflict, gain clarity, identify strengths and motivations, and design action steps in support of personal and professional goals.


We help nonprofit organizations enhance their engagement efforts and think more strategically and systemically through a creative, provoking, and asset-based approach. 


New Narrative owner Katie Grimm is a seasoned nonprofit professional and an International Coaching Federation and DISC certified coach. Her work blends her background and coaching skills to offer clients a unique and highly customized approach to strengths-based empowerment that leads to action and results.  

If you're re-envisioning your personal or professional story, purpose or mission - let's connect. We'll give you the tools to write your new narrative


Professional Services

Writing a Sticky Note
Laptop & Coffee


Elevate impact, navigate change, seize opportunities and refine your story through comprehensive  facilitation, engagement, and strategy services that can be acted upon for lasting results. 


 Thoughtful inquiry provides  clients the space to gain clarity  and plan for what's next. Through an asset-based approach, clients are able to align their strengths and values towards a path of fulfillment and growth.



Own your strengths, understand ideal working environments, and apply realizations towards a successful and meaningful career using the DISC behavior assessment. 

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